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With a foot in the past with its vintage aesthetic, and a step towards the future with its sharp singularity, Rowen Rose has been dressing women to feel their most unique selves, never going unnoticed, since 2018. For her new collection, Cannes, 1971, founder Emma Rowen Rose was inspired by the French Riviera holiday vibe of the 70s, that same decade Linda Farrow was created. The collaboration came naturally, Linda Farrow carrying iconic shapes from that time. This collection is the quintessence of French summer. The one we see in movies. The French summer we all dream of; chic, fun and carefree.

Playing with classic summer codes, a redesigned for the capsule elegant red and white striped linen packaging reveals the iconic shapes Cara and Margot, chosen specifically for their 1970’s feel. 6 frames are available, 2 shapes in 3 color ways, all of them being an ode to the 70s and its aesthetic, as well as reminiscing of the South of France with its sunny beaches, crystal blue waters and bright, vivid orange sunsets. This is manifested throughout the collection with terracotta with orange gradient lenses, honey with green lenses, or a warm chocolate brown with brown lenses, bringing us back to an ideal past, with a refreshing contemporary touch.

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