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The specificity of ROWEN ROSE resides in the fact that it has a foot in the past and a step towards the future: it praises the basis of luxury fashion to be elegance, quality and crafstmanship, but it innovates by having a plastic free packaging and production as well as using bio, recycled or sustainable fabrics.

From a multicultural backgroung, Emma Rowen Rose was born and raised in Paris in 1996 by a french, spanish and polish family. Based in Paris, and produced in Milan, her label is based on unique yet wearable handmade pieces: aiming to create a wearable and new quality couture. Art, cinema or poetry are the starting points of the collections: it aims to create an intelligent fashion, with cultural references to share and images to create.

Rowen Rose represents a new elegance that doesn’t rhyme with old fashioned or boring. The Rowen Rose woman has attitude, and accepts her powerful woman figure. She is complex, mysterious, and always contrasted, in between two sides and two worlds. Esthetically but also ethically as the clothes are made with tradition but using new fabrics and concepts to respect the environment. Clashing contraries.